Ad Deadlines & Pricing

Classified Ad Deadline

Tuesday, 3:00 PM
The Week of Printing


Display Ad Deadline

Tuesday, 3:00 PM
The Week of Printing

Ad Pricing

CLASSIFIED ADS:  50¢ Per Word Each Ad

CLASSIFIED With Border:   $5.00 

CLASSIFIED With Bold Print:  $5.00 

CLASSIFIED Print Centered:  $5.00 

CLASSIFIED with Picture:  $38.00 Color / $35.00 Black & White

*All Advertising Must Be Paid Before Printing Unless Pre-Arranged

To pay for ad please call:  (573) 736-2226

Display Ads

  • Send us your display ad by uploading it to the form
  • We will size the ad and confirm pricing
  • Then we will send the ad back to you for approval




Privacy Statement

Disclaimer/Privacy Statement

AD Tracker is an advertising magazine and website for many purposes. Ad Tracker and /or its employees do not necessarily encourage participation in (or support of advertisements such as religious, political, etc.; we are not responsible for ad validity and we are not liable for the claims or opinions expressed and paid for by our advertising customers in ANY of our printing , and reserve the right to accept or reject any ads submitted for printing.

Any advertisement with a picture must be accompanied by description of the item. Ad Tracker does not assume responsibility for mismatches, misprints or errors. We will print a notice in the following week’s printing about the correction at no additional charge if notified by the next printing.

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